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Das Toshiba Satellite L670D-15G

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Das Toshiba Satellite L670D-15G kann mit einem AMD Athlon II P340 Prozessor, der eine Taktfrequenz von 2,2 GHz bietet, und einer AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5145 Grafikeinheit aufwarten. Darüber hinaus ist das Notebook mit 4 GB Arbeitsspeicher und einer Festplatten-Kapazität von 500 GB ausgestattet.

Der 17,3 Zoll große Glare-Type Bildschirm, der eine Auflösung von 1.600 x 900 Pixel bietet, ist ein weiteres Merkmal des neuen Toshiba Satellite L670D-15G, das für 699 Euro (UVP) ab sofort im Handel erhältlich ist. Mit dem Satellite L670D-15G präsentiert Toshiba also pünktlich zum Weihnachtsfest ein neues Multimedia-Notebook, das keine Wünsche offen lässt.

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(Electronics) I purchased this 32 LCD TV as a slick deal rentecly, which means I found it at an uncommonly low price, and purchased it on a whim.Out of the box, I was pleased to learn that the picture quality was going to FAR exceed my expectations. I have discerning taste, and I can say with a clear conscience that the picture quality of this set is on par with what I've seen from Sony & Samsung. The black is black, the contrast is great, and the colors really pop. It is truly a stunning picture! And completely unexpected from a set of this price range (and brand name).I read reviews that disparaged the sound quality before I received the TV but I was pleased to learn upon setting it up that the sound quality was fine. It's average, mind you, but not terrible. I have it currently set up in a 14 x 23 carpeted & fully furnished family room and it sounds fine. I just wish it had an analog audio-out port so I could hook up one of my subwoofers to it.Besides the picture quality, the HDTV antenna reception was an unexpected surprise. It's outstanding! I don't have an antenna connected to the TV, yet it pulls in every local channel that I get on my other LCD TV (that has a highly rated Leaf antenna connected to it)! In fact, this Toshiba TV provides BETTER reception than my other TV. None of the channels come in and out. They just work, all the time, clear as day, in high def. Pretty impressive stuff! [In the spirit of full disclosure, my other LCD TV is a few years old and might not have a great tuner. So maybe all LCD TVs have great in-the-box reception these days. Take my feedback for what it's worth.]All in all, I'm very impressed with this set from Toshiba. I never would have purchased one of their sets if I hadn't gotten such a good deal on it, but now I've opened my mind to their TVs. They certainly did a good job with this one! Particularly around the picture quality and over-the-air HDTV reception.Quite impressive for this price range.

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