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Das Medion Akoya P6627

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Zahllose IT-Hersteller nutzen die gegenwärtige IFA, um ihre neuesten Produkte medienwirksam der Öffentlichkeit vorzustellen. Auch Medion verfährt auf diese Art und Weise und hat die IFA 2010 als Präsentationsplattform für das neue Notebook Akoya P6627 gewählt. Dieser 15,6 Zoller dürfte insbesondere Multimedia-Fans begeistern, denn eine hochwertige, multifunktionale Hardware macht das Medion Akoya P6627 zu einem wahren Entertainment-Notebook.

In Sachen Prozessor stehen hierbei ein Intel Core i3, i5, sowie ein i7 zur Auswahl. Mit bis zu 640 GB Festplatten-Kapazität und 4 GB DDR3-Arbeitsspeicher kann das Medion Akoya P6627 ebenfalls überzeugen. Ein verspiegeltes HD-ready Display mit einer Auflösung von 1.366 x 768 Pixeln und ein Blu-Ray-Laufwerk runden die Ausstattung ab und sorgen für bestes Entertainment.

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I've messed aonrud with/set up a few at work and for friends, but haven't bought one for myself.A while ago, I nearly bought an eeepc 701, but once the rumors of a 9 model started I thought I'd wait for one of those. By the time the 900 was available, news of the 10 models, versions with atom processors, more ram, other brands offering higher screen resolution, full size keyboards etc. made me pause again. Now with Intel launching a dual core atom, I think we'll see even more new models Now, in a way, I think the newer, larger, more featured mini laptops (I hate the term netbook for some reason) have lost what made the 701 so appealing. The original eeepc was small, light, had good battery life and didn't seem to try so hard to do everything a larger laptop could do. At the time it was released, it was also significantly cheaper than even the cheapest full size regular laptops.The manufacturers now seem to be pushing to make them more and more like full size laptops. For the most part they're not much bigger than the 701 (the 900/901 are pretty much identical), but some are. Some are noticeably heavier, and many don't have the type of battery life that such an easily portable laptop needs. Really, what's the point if you have to keep plugging it in all the time? You may as well be on a full size laptop or even a desktop.The larger screens/extra features etc. have pushed the prices back up, while the prices of traditional laptops have dropped significantly, so now the entry point for some 14/15 laptops is below the entry point for a 9 . Performance hasn't changed though, and while you may be able to get them with (or be able to add yourself) 2GB of ram, but they just crawl if you do anything that really needs that much. With a clean install of XP SP3 they're quite responsive, but add to that a basic anti virus and firewall (AVG and Comodo for example), Firefox with a few plugins, an email client, Adobe reader, iTunes or Winamp and the other few things that may have background services you start to notice things becoming a bit slow and that's before you load up more demanding apps. The same can happen with Linux distro's like Ubuntu, and lets not even mention how poorly most of them run Vista.With all that said though, I probably will buy one soon and I'm leading towards the Dell. I have a 14 dual core notebook and an iphone, which fit the bill quite well most of the time I need to do some sort of portable computing, but there are times when I could use something that fits in between them.[edit] I agree with Herne about the Macbook Air. At 13.3 & AU$2500+ they don't really fit into the same category.

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