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Das Lenovo IdeaPad U1

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Auf der diesjährigen Computer Electronics Show, die im Januar in Las Vegas stattfand, war das IdeaPad U1 aus dem Hause Lenovo ein absoluter Hingucker. Das 11,6 Zoll Mini-Notebook verfügt über ein abnehmbares Display, das auch problemlos als Tablet genutzt werden kann. Als Hybrid zwischen Notebook und Tablet-PC sorgte das Gerät für Aufsehen und weckte das Interesse der Öffentlichkeit.

Nun scheint die Markteinführung des Lenovo IdeaPads U1 kurz bevor zu stehen. Medienberichten zufolge soll die Auslieferung im Dezember erfolgen, wobei sich diese Informationen lediglich auf den chinesischen Markt beziehen. Wie lange sich Interessenten hierzulande noch gedulden müssen, ist also noch unklar, doch allzu lange dürfte dies nicht mehr auf sich warten lassen.

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This is the third sub-$400 Lenovo laptop I've owned in the past 3 years (since 2009). I've pacshured and resold one annually. The first was a 15-inch model (forgot which one exactly) with no number keypad and the second was a G560.All three had Core2Duo's running under the hood, 4 gigabytes of RAM, and 320Gb hard drives. All were made entirely of plastic and came in essentially the same simple packaging.In terms of build, I am under the impression that all Lenovos are very solidly built and the plastic feels adequate.The sub-$400, and now sub-$300, Lenovo laptop product line has progressively become lighter, quieter, and cooler.I think about my first Lenovo (the one that I can't remember the model number for); it was not terribly light, the fan was loud enough that it was audible from several feet away, and after 45 minutes to an hour, was hot enough to cause discomfort in certain parts underneath.The Lenovo G560, although a definite improvement in terms of weight and fan noise, still ran hot.This new Lenovo G580 is not only the lightest Lenovo I've owned thus far, it's also completely silent. After using it for several hours, the fan runs completely silently. Perhaps the biggest improvement in the 580 is the absolute lack of heat! This puppy runs completely cool, even after several hours of continuous use!!I pacshured mine from Fry's on Nov. 7th for $288 ($328 with tax) and I couldn't be happier.Any potential buyers should note that this model's Core2Duo processor is more than sufficient for web browsing, Word and Excel processing, and even playing high-quality Blu-Ray discs!I mostly use this laptop for CAD drawing (I produce architectural blueprints using AutoCAD 2007). I've even install the Adobe Master Suite CS6 and although it's nothing like my desktop Core i7 (2600K), this laptop surpassed all my performance expectations.

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