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Das Dell Inspiron M101z

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Mit dem Inspiron M101z bringt Dell nun ein leistungsstarkes 11,6 Zoll Notebook auf den Markt, das mit einer erstklassigen Hardware überzeugen kann. So sind ein AMD Neo Prozessor und eine Radeon HD 4250 GPU die wesentlichen Ausstattungsmerkmale dieses Geräts.

Insgesamt stehen drei Versionen des neuen Sub-Notebooks Dell Inspiron M101z zur Auswahl, sodass mit Sicherheit keine Wünsche offen bleiben. Drei USB 2.0 Ports, WLAN-N, Bluetooth 3.0, VGA, HDMI, sowie ein integrierter Kartenleser sind allen Geräten aber gemeinsam. Darüber hinaus verwenden alle Versionen des Dell Inspiron M101z Windows 7 Home Premium x64 als Betriebssystem und kommen mit einer McAfee Security Center Lizenz für 15 Monate daher.

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Silver (Personal Computers) I bought two of these. The first one was in exclelent condition, really impressive for a refurb . So when hubby murdered his laptop by spilling a drink into it, I thought this D630 would be the perfect replacement for him. When it arrived, we were both a bit disappointed. It functions correctly but has a loose lid/screen that can wobble and some sticking keys and generally looks quite used. He's satisfied enough to keep it, partly because he doesn't want to be without one for any length of time, and partly because we've had positive experiences with off-lease Dells in the past even if they have a wart or two.My personal disappointment was that after receiving the first one, I expected the same level of quality from the second one because it was sold by Amazon not a marketplace refurb seller where you can never be sure of what you'll get until you open the box.

I can't believe you're not playing with me--htat was so helpful.

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