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Das Asus X70AE-TY030V

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Mit einer Displaygröße von satten 17,3 Zoll ist das X70AE-TY030V eines der größten Notebooks aus dem Hause Asus. Das Gerät zeichnet sich aber keineswegs nur durch seine Größe aus, sondern hat auch technisch einiges zu bieten. So verfügt das Notebook über einen AMD Athlon II X2 M320 Prozessor mit einer Taktung von 2,1 GHz, 2 GB DDR2-Arbeitsspeicher, 320 GB Festplattenkapazität und einen leistungsstarken DVD-Brenner.

Das 17,3 Zoll große Display ist eines der wesentlichsten Merkmale des Asus X70AE-TY030V und bietet zudem eine Auflösung von 1.600 x 900 Pixeln. Dank HD+ und LED-Backlight sind brillante Darstellungen stets garantiert und machen dieses Notebook zu einem vollwertigen PC-Ersatz.

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. Had trouble with the wirseels connection crashing and had to call Asus customer support who directed my to their website to download a new driver for the Atheros AR9485-EG wirseels adaptor. Seems to have taken care of the problem from what I can tell. 1920 x 1080 resolution is nice most models with that resolution are $1,200 or more . 750 GB and 6 GB ram great specs. Having some problem with the spacebar. I type about 70 w/minute and it doesn't respond as well as I am used to unless I hit it dead center and pretty firm. Other people reported a similar problem after researching this issue in forums. I will wait for a few days and if needed have Asus install a new keyboard under warranty. Sound/speakers are OK not great and for movies I would recommend external speakers. This model has the separate numeric keyboard off to the side (good for working on spreadsheets) which makes the model a bit larger and likely heavier.Ran down the battery yesterday and got over 4 hours out of it no games but lots of installing and downloading. Good buy for the price and is has everything once could ask for for a desktop laptop.Update I had to return the first laptop because I did not want to go through the hassle of getting the keyboard repaired Amazon exchanged it with no problem (same model) and the keyboard on the replacement laptop works great. The first one didn't have the backlighting (or maybe it was a driver problem) this one works without any hitches.

Well I can only mention that in the past that Amazon has spiphed earlier than the estimated date. That did happen with the Infinity on the site. I mean at this point who really knows. I think you've guys in the UK have waited long enough! Thanks for commenting and I hope you update when you actually get it in hand!

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